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Leather Ornaments

As I put together Christmas gifts for my family I like to try and incorporate something handmade each year.  Sometimes it’s jewelry, sometimes it a Christmas tree shaped shelf for my mom to display her extensive collection of Christmas decor.  This year I’m adding leather ornaments into the gift mix. 

Not only was this a great way to use up some scrap leather I have, it’s also something I can add to each year. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy DIY gift to add to your holiday giving, check out the Leather Ornament Tutorial below for the two types of ornaments I did this year.  Enjoy!


Round Ornament 

Round leather ornament


  • Leather (real or faux)
  • Utility knife or scissors 
  • Leather dye (optional) 
  • Something to poke holes with (leather punch, sewing awl, drill, etc)
  • String 


  1. Cut out strips of leather.  I cut a total of 6 strips 7” long and a 1/2” wide using a utility knife.  If you’re using faux leather scissors will probably do the trickStrip of leather with utility knife
  2. Dye your leather.  This step is totally optional and isn’t necessary if you’re using faux leather.  I dyed my leather a very light tan
  3. Poke holes in each end of the leather strips.  I put my holes about 1/2” from the end of each strip.  I used a sewing awl but ended up having to increase the size of the hole with my utility knife to get the string throughStrip of leather with hole in the end
  4. Cut a length of string about 12” and start stringing on your leather strips.  I tied a knot in my string and strung ‘up’ through the leather strips so the grain (nice side) of the leather was facing down.Strips of leather strung on twine
  5. String the other end of the leather.  This is where you can get creative with things.  You can string through the bottom side of the last leather strip and layer them back on in the same order, or you could start with the first strip and layer the rest of the strips in reverse order.  Or get crazy and layer the strips however you want.  There’s no right or wrong way to do itStrips of leather strung on twine
  6. Tie off the end.  Once you’ve strung all of the strips tie a knot on top of the last strip to keep everything in place.  Tie the remaining sting in whatever size loop works for you, trim off any excess string and you’re done

Shape Ornament

Leather star and leather tree ornaments


  • Leather (faux or real)
  • Ornament template
  • Leather dye (optional)
  • Utility knife or scissors
  • Something to punch holes (leather punch, sewing awl, drill)
  • String


  1. Trace the ornament.  Trace your ornament template onto the leather and cut it out  Ornament template on leather
  2. Dye the leather.  Again, this is totally optional.  I went with just oiling the leather with olive oil to give it some subtle color
  3. Punch a sting hole.  I used a sewing awl but use whatever works best for you
    Leather ornaments with holes
  4. Loop the sting through and you’re done

Both of these options were incredibly quick and easy and they give the family gifts a little touch of handmade  

I hope these leather ornaments have inspired some handmade gifts of your own.  

Merry Christmas Season!