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DIY Fur Stockings

I’ll just come right out and say it, I love Christmas.  It’s by far my favorite holiday and decorating for Christmas is the absolute best.  It’s also the perfect holiday for someone like me who loves to hand make decor.  This year I decided it would be fun to do some DIY fur stockings. 

At first I had every intention of making these stockings from scratch.  But that was also before Halloween and once November hit ain’t nobody got time for that. So I decided to go an easier route and dress up pre-made stockings with some fur at the top. 

And the best part of this DIY?

There was (almost) no sewing!

I found some plain white stockings from Hobby Lobby, which were 50% off, and I added a band of fur to really pull together the rustic feel of our Christmas decor. 

Keep reading for the unbelievably easy steps to recreate your own.

DIY Fur Stockings

Items you need

  • Stockings
  • Fur (JoAnn’s has great faux options, Tandy is my go to for hides)
  • Knife/Rotary Cutter/Scissors 
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler or Square
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Needle 
  • Thread
  • Fabric Glue

Step One: Measure out the band of fur

My stockings are 18” long so I played around a little bit with measuring tape to get a feel for how big I wanted the fur band to be.  

White stocking and brown fur on wood floor

Six inches felt a little too overwhelming so I went with five inches knowing that I would want to attach the fur a half inch or so inside the stocking. I measured the interior circumference of the stocking to get the length for my fur band.

I used a square to draw out a rectangle 15” long by 5” high on the backside of the fur and also drew guide lines marking where I wanted to sew the ends together and where I wanted to attach the fur to the stocking. 


Step Two: Cut out the fur

This was the part I wasn’t expecting, cutting out fur is super messy.  Like, make sure you have your vacuum on hand so you can clean that up right away and not track it through the house, messy.  

I used a knife to cut out my fur but you could use a rotary cutter or scissors.  Whatever works for you and cuts the fur cleanly.

Backside of fur with lines drawn on it

Step Three: Sew the short ends of the fur

I wanted to keep the look of this seam as minimal as possible so I sewed the two ends touching end to end like a corset.  I also did my best to keep the needle close to the base of the fur so the thread didn’t show too much.

Since the plan was to attach the fur on the inside of the stocking I sewed the band together so the fur was on the inside. 

Backside of fur sewn together


Step Four: Attach the fur to the stocking

That’s it for the hard parts, now comes the easy stuff.

With the band of fur inside out I slipped the band inside of the stocking so that the top seam matched up with the guide line I had drawn. I tucked the loop back inside of the stocking so it didn’t get glued under the fur. 

Inside out band of fur tucked inside to of white stocking

I worked my way around the fur band gluing in one inch sections until I had glued all around the guide line, except for where the loop was. 

Backside of band of fur tucked inside of white stocking

With everything glued in place I set the stocking aside for a couple hours to dry. Once everything had dried I flipped the fur band right side out and I was good to go. 

 Christmas stockings hanging from mantel

This DIY was unbelievably quick and easy.  I think it took me around a half hour to assemble each of the stockings so it’s the perfect project if you don’t have a ton of time but would still like to incorporate something homemade into your decor. 

If you wanted to make this project even easier you could always cut out a rectangle of fur and glue it to the outside of the stocking.  

I hope this has inspired so holiday DIYs of your own!

Merry Christmas Season,